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Any gamer who is familiar with the League of Legends knows what Victorious skins are, and the ones who don’t know can find out all about it from here. One thing that every player in LoL or from any other game is familiar with is the skins. Skins are a sort of cosmetic upgrade for your characters or weapons that only changes how a character appears, their animation style for attacks and movements. 

Skins do not increase any stats or provide any special features that help gamers get an edge over others. Now that the basic concept of skins is clear, you should know that certain skins are very rare, and can only be achieved when you finish in the top ranks of LoL seasons. Such skins are called victorious skins.

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How do I get these Victorious Skins

Like I have mentioned before, you need to put in a lot of attempts and time to get these LOL Victorious Skins. With every new season in LoL, you have the chance to win rare skins from a character. These skins are usually random, and once missed, cannot be obtained in any other way. 

So you can understand how much value a victorious skin has, and rightly, so people flaunt their new skins after they obtain them at the end of the season. Now, to gain these skins by the end of each season, we need to rank at least in the Gold tier or above. In case you miss the gold tier, then you can forget about victorious skin.    

Seasons in LoL

Though LoL first started in 2009, it wasn’t until 2011 when the victorious skins were added as season rewards. Gamers were provided with an opportunity to get a rare character skin that was never available in the store, and will never be.  These LoL victorious skins were for players who spent a great amount of time grinding matches to climb high ranks in each season. 

With that hard work, the result wasn’t disappointing as players were able to add the rare LoL victorious skins to their roster. The first-ever victorious skin was for Jarvan IV that was obtained for players who had reached Gold tier and above ranks. Even though it wasn’t the best-looking LoL victorious skin, players were still happy to get it.

Ever since,10 more seasons appeared in LoL, each one for a year. 11 seasons(if you include the current one) since 2011 which means 11 different victorious skins for various champions have been awarded to players. Any game studio that provides such rewards for a player’s hard work is bound to have a loyal fan base.

If you are currently grinding through the season in LoL then you are aware of the season 11 timeline, and even if you don’t then remember that you still have around 6 months till the season ends. That’s right, you have until at least the second week of November to rank up in the season and get amazing rewards, including the LoL victorious skin.

Every season seems to begin in January and end in November, well this pattern is true for the last 4 seasons. So grind as much as you can to unlock those rewards.

Ranking in LoL

In every season, each player battles with another player to earn those precious victorious skins. It should be obvious that the best of them gets the top rewards for the season. You already know that each season lasts almost a year, and every season is divided into three splits. To make it a fair fight, every player is matched with a player of a similar level, who then battles out to get the Split Points(SP).

With every match you win, a certain amount of SP is added to your account. When the season ends, each SP is added up to assign you the final rank in the season. The more SP you earn, the better is the chance for you to rank higher and earn good rewards.

Tiers in LoL Seasons

As stated previously, by the end of every season, the SP is tabulated to assign players with their ranking or frame. These frames decide what kind of rewards you obtain. Every player is placed in 9 different tiers based on their performance throughout the season. From Iron tier, which is the lowest tier to Challenger and highest in the season. Now, these tiers are again divided into 4 different ranks from Ⅳ to Ⅰ(this being the highest).

You start from Iron Ⅳ and as you progress by earning SP, you are promoted to the next tier after reaching Iron Ⅰ. From there you go to 

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Diamond
  6. Grandmaster, 

Finally, the highest tier in the season, which is Challenger. The final tier is always the toughest and takes a lot of SP to reach.

If you are playing only for those rare skins, then reaching the Gold tier should be enough to get you one. One thing to remember is that you cannot get all victorious skins that were rewarded before, but the only one which is being rewarded in the current season. Along with that, you get the Summoners icon and profile trim for every rank, and from the Silver tier, you also obtain loading screen borders and victorious ward skins for up to 2 queues. 

Players in Tiers Gold and above obtain victorious champion skins with available chromas, and the other two rewards are specific to the challenger tier only. These include the Challenger backpack and season recall reward. All these rewards should make a pretty compelling case for anyone to grind through each season.

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Best LoL Victorious Skins

With 11 seasons and 10 victorious skins that were rewarded, not every skin was the first choice of LoL players. Agreed that all these skins are rare and cannot be bought from anywhere else, not every skin was as appealing as it was meant to be. That’s because most of the skins that were rewarded are not for the usual characters that many people choose.

Here we provide you all the skins that were awarded by the end of each season starting from 2011.

Victorious Jarvan Ⅳ

This was the earliest victorious skin that was given to players in the 2011 season. Not every gamer was impressed with Victorious Jarvan Ⅳ skins, as the only changes that you can notice were with armor and some VFX additions. Nonetheless, it was still a good addition in terms of free skins and if you look at the designs, the giant iridescent cleaving sword, I am sure you will agree. 

Victorious Janna

Victorious Janna

While not the best skin that Riot Games offered as season rewards, it still was a good one when compared to the first skin. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this skin was that the character showed less skin with amazing that armor. This skin also added some sounds and animation changes to the character.

Victorious Elise

Now, this is what you call victorious armor. The design is way better than the previous skins as it has a sharp golden armor with some purple thrown here and there. Elise is mostly used as a supporting character, so it is perfect for the player that plays mid-lane in battles. 

Victorious Morgana

Victorious Morgana

Another one of the rarest skins in LoL, this skin is easily one of the top 5 skins that were given as season rewards. You can observe the blue armor with added golden details which are quite common in every victorious skin, and the developers have replaced the blue wings with purple ones. In terms of animation changes, you will notice that only the recall and attack have different VFX.

Victorious Sivir

Victorious Sivir

The victorious Sivir skins have pretty noticeable changes, as the champion’s blade and hair color are different. Not just that, but the blade has been changed from an open cross blade to a closed one with gold and blue shades. Also, there are new animations and sounds for the character.

Victorious Maokai

Victorious Maokai

Now, this skin provides a better upgrade for the Maokai champion than any skin does for the other characters. With added golden blue armor, Maokai looks more badass than he ever did. With this skin, you also get new recall animation with added changes to maokai’s sapling. His leaves now are golden, which provides new animation during movements and attacks. 

Victorious Graves


Rewarded for players in the 2017 season, the victorious skin for famous outlaw is one of the best VS in LoL. Now, at first glance, you may think that the skin is pretty similar to the other skins with the golden purple combination. That’s not the best part of this skin, it’s the effect that you receive with this skin. The various animation changes that you get with this skin are amazing.

If you had grinded hard enough to reach higher ranks in the queues, then you would have gotten 3 different chromas for this skin.  

Victorious Orianna


These Orianna skins have an elegant recall effect where the character exists from the field through stairs while there is victory confetti everywhere. The skin also has minimal changes to her sphere. Apart from the recall animation, there are few other changes with the attacks and movement. Orianna also has two other chromas for this skin, which are amber and peridot.

Victorious Aatrox


Probably the most contrasting skin design for a VS when compared to the original character design. Anyone familiar with the character can say the same thing, as the VS provides more of an angelic vibe than the original devil design. Apart from the physical design, there are also changes in VFX/SFX. With more SP, you can also get its amber chroma.

Victorious Lucian


The latest VS from LoL was rewarded in the 2020 season. Many consider this to be the best VS received from season rewards. This provides new animations for attacks, movements, and recall. You will notice that the recall shows 6 other Lucian champions in different colors, these are his chromas that you achieve if you rank high in the season. Every chroma color is based on your rank in the season and is unlocked when you reach that rank, which is after the gold tier in the season.

All these skins were awarded to gamers who achieve the gold tier or above in every ranked season in Lol since 2011. You probably cannot find these skins ever again, maybe if you are lucky Riot Games will add some of them in-store. 

Other Popular MOBAs

There are plenty of video games for various platforms, but there are very few MOBAs that have a fan base like LoL. While LoL has been running for more than a decade now, it wasn’t the first MOBA nor is it the last. Many gamers prefer MOBAs when compared to other genres of games, and these players also want games to be unique. 

If you are one of those players and have been looking for Video Games similar to LoL or at least other MOBAs then this is the right section to look at. Here we are going to recommend games that are worth spending time on and even a few bucks. Let’s try to be careful as these games are addictive. 


A highly popular MOBA was released in 2013 by Valve studios. This game could be the perfect replacement for LoL players as it has the same feel and almost similar gameplay. While this came after LoL, DOTA 2 is a sequel to the Defense of the Ancients(DOTA) which is a mod from Warcraft 3.

The actual premise may be similar to LoL, but the games vary when it comes to character and gameplay. Like LoL, DOTA 2 wide roster of characters each with unique classes, though the difference is that every character is already available to choose from in DOTA2, which isn’t the case in LoL. In DOTA 2 you can damage and even your teammates due to friendly fire, while in LoL your teammates are safe from such happenings. 

Also in DOTA 2, there are no predefined rules for roles that should be followed during battles. Like, you can go into battles with just one support and 4 damage dealers, or experiment with roles if you wish to see which one fits better. One similarity is that, like in LoL, you have the chance to buy or receive various custom skins for your characters. 


Overwatch is slightly different from the above two mentioned games in this list. That’s because it is a first-person shooting game that is also played online. Like the first DOTA, overwatch is also from Blizzard studios. This game was all the rage in this category when it was released in 2016.

Many people already had their fill with DOTA 2, LoL, and CS: GO which have similar gameplay one way or another. It wouldn’t be much of a  stretch to say that overwatch combined the first-person gameplay and various characters aspects from previous games. Nonetheless, people were hooked to this game, and there were a massive number of players glued day/night to this game.

Like games before Overwatch, this offered players to grind various matches and earn rewards like skins for various characters. There are a total of 32 playable characters called Heroes that are divided into the tank, support, and damage dealer classes which can be chosen for a 6v6 battle.


Now this game was released pretty recently when compared to all others in this list with its release being in 2020. Valorant is also from Riot Games, but it is more like Overwatch than LoL or DOTA 2.  In Valorant, each consists of five members who battle out for victory. You can choose from up to 15 characters which are termed ‘Agents’ in the game. 

In each match, you have the chance to use four different abilities depending on your agent. Three of them are free and the other one you need to purchase from the store before you start the match. Leveling and earning points will reward you with other agents from the roster. Unlike DOTA 2 and LoL, Valorant offers various skins for weapons, but that could change shortly. Due to requests from players, there is a chance that the Riot Games could integrate skins for agents as well.

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If you haven’t been playing much LoL lately but still need to get your hands on some new victorious skin, then there is still time for you. All you need to do is, take part in enough matches to make it to at least gold tier, and then you can get a VS after the season ends. Remember, once you miss this current season 11 VS, then you may not be able to get the same skin ever again.

Those who need something new from MOBAs can try the above-mentioned games for a change. There is a pretty good chance you will like those games if you have been playing, LoL.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What was the victorious skin for season 5?

In 2015, the victorious skin for season 5 was for champion Sivir. 

Can I get all victorious skins in, LoL?

No, each season rewards only one VS, and these skins are available from anywhere else except the season rewards, so you cannot get all victorious skins at once. If you miss a season, then you can say goodbye to that season’s VS.

Are victorious skins available in league stores?

VS can only be gained for ranked season rewards, so no, you cannot get victorious skins from the league store.

Does all VS also have chromas for their skins?

Only Graves, Orianna, Aatrox, and Lucian have chromas available for their VS.

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