Voxelmap 1.14.4

Voxelmap 1.14.4

There is no scarcity of anything in Minecraft, you may have various weapons, items, food, and many such things. All these things can be found on various locations of Maps, and each map has its unique features. There are 16,384 maps in Minecraft, so you can never get bored playing or exploring various places in Minecraft.

Apart from that, you can also add a multitude of maps that come in the form of mods. These maps have distinct landscapes, vegetation, mobs, and items. So every map feels like playing a new Minecraft game. Here we are going to discuss one such map called the Voxelmap 1.14.4. Well, not just the Voxelmap 1.14.4, but we are going to talk in general regarding all these versions of Voxelmap.

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Minecraft Voxelmap 1.14.4

Before everyone knows it as the Voxelmap 1.14.4, it was known as Zan’s map because it was created by Zan, but he wasn’t the only developer who worked on this map. It was later grabbed over by Lahwran and finally by MamiyaOtaru.

This map isn’t huge as other maps that have many dungeons, but it is a minimap. That doesn’t mean that it lacks interesting gameplay. On the contrary, it has some amazing additions that many players will appreciate.

Voxelmap 1

Features of Voxelmap 1.14.4

Any mod in Minecraft brings new features, and if it’s a map mod then you can expect some new landscapes, mobs, items, and many such things.  Even though it is a minimap it has some great terrain like waterfalls, hills, and a mansion on top of a hill. It has a good radar system that displays any nearby, so no more jump scares. 

With a good, simple, and clean interface for customization, you can change the settings for this map through the use of the custom settings menu. This map also shows you various elevations. And if you are playing this map in multiplayer mode, then you can even spot other players. 

You can access various waypoints on the map and even teleport to those waypoints. If you die at a certain location in Voxelmap 1.14.4 mod, then it also marks your death location, which assists you to get back and look for the thing that you were initially searching for. While looking at the map, you can choose to enlarge it or zoom it from the options provided, and you can even change the map from a circle to a square.

By using the configuration settings for this map, you can on/off the settings to find caves on the map. Along with that, you can change other display settings for waypoints, radar configurations, map size. This can be done by using the “M” key on the keyboard, and some other configurations. 

How to Change Waypoint Settings

Setting up waypoints and teleporting to them is a handy little addition to this Minecraft mod map. You can also configure this waypoint setting from the menu in the game. All you have to do is just press the “B” from your keyboard to open the waypoints menu. 

Here you need to assign a waypoint name and then add the X, Z, and Y coordinates of the map to point at a place on the map. Or you can also just mark your down the present location which can already be seen when you open the waypoint menu.

You can also change the icon for a waypoint along with its color, because why not. There is also an option to make it visible in the Nether. Then, if you move away from that location, you can go to maps. Select the waypoint option in the bottom left corner which shows you the saved waypoint. You can then choose to teleport back by clicking on the teleport option.

For some insane reason, if you don’t want any waypoints on your map, then you can disable them from the settings.

Voxelmap 1.14.4 Review

The Voxelmap was released in late 2019 and is one of the good maps that was ever added to Minecraft. It just provides so many customization options for settings. There are so many settings that this mod adds to the game and some amazing features. I think anyone who has played this map or even heard about it can agree that the feature of this map is the waypoints.

You can mark multiple locations on the map. These locations appear both on the map and in the game in the form of a beacon. That’s right when you mark a certain location as a waypoint it can be seen from a distance which appears as a beacon. There’s also the option to customize these points by assigning them different colors and icons.

Then there is the option to see mobs and other hostiles on the radar. You can see every mob on the radar, even if they are underground. While this sounds nice, it fills the radar with icons, which can be quite confusing and irritating. Luckily, you can just turn it off from the settings. In multiplayer mode, it even shows other players on the radar.

Your minimap can alter forms into a circle or square, which is a nice addition. Then there is also the option to change the minimap location on the screen, which may have appeal to some players. All these features along with a brilliantly designed map make this mod a great addition to Minecraft.

If you never played the Voxelmap 1.14.4 or any other version of this map, then you should try this. Another important thing is that this mod map is available for multiple versions of Minecraft. It’s available for the forge, fabric, Rift, and Liteloader.

Voxelmap 2

Steps to Install the Voxelmap Minecraft Map Mod

Now there are ways to install this map mod. One supports the newer versions of the game, while the other method is a manual method best suited for older versions.  Here we will discuss both.

Method 1

This method is suitable for older versions of the game because the older versions do have an ‘Open mods folder’ option in the mod’s menu of the game.

  • Download the Voxelmap 1.14.4 or any other version of your choice. And also make sure you choose the version that supports your game. It can forge, fabric, rift, or liteloader. 
  • You need to copy/move the .jar files from the downloaded folder into the mod folder located in “.minecraft”.
  • To find that, you can use the Run box and type “%appdata%‘ and look for the required folder.
  • Copy the contents in the mod folder, and if there isn’t one, then you can create it.
  • Then open the game in a forge, fabric, or any other version for which you have downloaded the mod. That’s it. 

Method 2:

New versions of the game or mod can use this method.

  • Follow the same step 1 as shown above and then open your game.
  • Next, go to mods many in your game and click on the ‘Open Mods folder’ which is on the bottom corner of your menu. 
  • Now take the downloaded mod .jar files and place them in the mod’s folder.
  • Click save or ok, then close the game and start again. This should add the new Voxelmap mod to your Minecraft.

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How to Keep Waypoints After Upgrading the Voxelmap 1.14.4 Mod?

Waypoints are a very important part of the Voxelmap 1.14.4, and losing them after an update would be bothersome. That’s because you have explored so many places and stored them with waypoints so that you can teleport anytime. So to prevent this from happening in our Minecraft map mod 1.14 there is one way, at least one known way. So follow the steps provided below.

  • Before you start upgrading your Minecraft map mod 1.14 which is the Voxelmap, you should copy its contents someplace safe. To do that, go to your mod’s folder, which is located at the address “/.minecraft/mods/mamiyaotaru”.
  • Now you can download the new version of the mod, which is any version beyond Voxelmap 1.14.4. If you do not have the download link then you can check the above installation tutorial which has the download link.
  • After installing the new version, open the game, select the multiworld server, and start a new game. Save a waypoint, it could be anywhere random.
  • Exit and close the game. Now go to the newly created mod folder for the upgraded version of Voxelmap 1.14.4, and copy the old version’s saved file in there. Select replace option to save the previous files.
  • Start the game, and you will find all your previously saved waypoints.

Other Minimaps Like Voxelmap

While the Voxelmap is a widely known minimap mod that is available for various loaders like fabric, rift, and liteloader for a forge, other minimaps are pretty good. And some are even better than the current Minecraft map mod we are talking about. Here is a look at those other minimaps that many players use in Minecraft.

Rei’s Minimap

Now, this map has some similar features like the waypoints, showing mobs radar, configuration option in-game, and some other unique features like cave mapping. This is a good minimap and some even players even prefer this over the Voxlemap. 

The map looks beautiful with a good frame rate and rendering. Another good thing about this map is that it doesn’t need another loader to run with forge, unlike Voxelmap which requires a liteloader. It also has various minimap options to configure the on-screen map. This allows the players to enable or disable certain aspects like terrains, colors, transparency, and even depth.

You can say that it is similar to the Voxelmap in certain aspects, while it is also different from it. Even though it doesn’t have as many features as Voxelmap, Rei’s minimap is chosen over the former by many Minecraft players. The main reason for that is the seamless running of the map that doesn’t take much juice from your device. 

One thing that might be off-putting for some is that there is no teleport option for the saved waypoints on the map. You can mark locations with waypoints, but you may not teleport to them. You can download this minimap mod with this Rei’s Minimap link.  

Xaero’s Minimap

Xaero’s Minimap

This alternate minimap mod in Minecraft is filled with many amazing features, and that is more than Voxelmap’s features. Many minimaps provide a completely new look with their aesthetics, but this one takes a different route and keeps the same look. This attribute is similar to the original Minecraft vanilla version. You have everything that the Voxelmap has and much more in this mod. 

It is also one of the few and first maps that have a square-shaped map that you can rotate. I personally prefer that the maps don’t do that as it can be quite confusing. Maybe for that same reason, they have added an option to lock the rotation. If you want to place the minimap then you can choose the option and move it towards any corner of the map. The mod also provides multiple zoom options, cave maps(will also show on the map if you are in caves), slime chunks mode and chunk grids are taggable, can mark waypoints, and many more features.

Certain things that are missing in this map mod is the option to highlight waypoints from distance using a beacon, but this option is probably replaced with others like sharing waypoints in chat, sorting waypoints into groups. 

It can be a great replacement for Voxelmap if you are facing FPS drops or game crash issues with the older map. So check this mod and try it in your game. To download this map mod, you can use curseforge.com to select any version and download it. You can also every feature that this mod has, from the same link.

The point being if you’re bored with Voxelmap or facing any FPS issues then you can try other mods that are mentioned up, or you can also try other minimaps like Journeymap which is well-designed, and Map Writer minimap.

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While Voxelmap 1.14.4 may not be the best minimap out there, it still is a good choice for any Minecraft player. One of the best things about this mod is that it can be played on different versions of the game, while the forge requires a liteloader. While the others don’t require any loaders. So, install this mini-map mod using the tutorial provided in this article and explore as much as you can to decide for yourselves if you like this or not. That’s the best way to decide if a mod is good or bad, rather than following someone else’s opinion. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

How can I change the Minecraft Voxelmap controls?

To change the Voxelmap controls, you just have to go to mod settings and change whatever you want. There are specific keys for certain features like using the “B” key will let you change waypoint options, with the “Z” key you can change zoom.

What is a waypoint in a mod?

Waypoint is a feature that is added in certain maps that allows players to mark their location on the map, which is useful if you want to visit a certain location again. Some mods also have to teleport to these waypoints on the map, you can even see your waypoint in the game if the mod has such an option. 

How small are minimaps in Minecraft?

If we are talking about the world size in minimaps then a small world often has an area of 1024×1024 blocks, and in chunks, it is 64×64 chunks. This area measure is in Overworld, and for Nether it can be 352×352 blocks.

Can I install Minecraft Voxelmap in Forge?

Yes, you can install it in forger, but you will require a liteloader for that. 

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