War Thunder Skins

War Thunder Skins

As a child, every one of us imagined how amazing it would be to soar through the skies in a fighter plane. This fantasy could be due to movies like Top Gun, or maybe you just admire someone who is serving your country. Nonetheless, imagine running around in a heavily armored tank, commanding a fleet of ships, or barrel rolling in a fighter plane. Even though you cannot do this in real life, you can still get some amount of its experience in games.

You may not be able to perform such acts physically, but mentally you will be able to perceive these things. Now, any gamer worth their salt knows what I’m talking about. Games provide us a medium to experience things that we usually cannot in the real world. Whether it is flying a car in GTA or killing monsters and demons in Devil May Cry.

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The War Thunder Revolution

One such game where you can experience things like combat using planes, tanks or a warship is War Thunder. It is a free-to-play MMO(Massive Multiplayer) game that uses 3 different vehicular combat modes. This game was released in early 2013 by Gaijin Entertainment, and since then has been played by a huge number of players.

One of the best things about this game is that it is set in the World War 2 era. So you can imagine what kind of experience you can have with this game. Whether you want to crush your enemies on the ground, overpower them at sea, or just perform maneuvers in the sky, this game is perfect for you. 

Another reason why people enjoy this game is that it has various War Thunder skins for every vehicle.

War Thunder Gameplay

The objective here is pretty simple, have fun operating various vehicles and playing different modes in World War 2 settings. There are 2 game modes in War Thunder, which are single-player and multiplayer modes, though many people prefer the latter one. These modes are further divided based on difficulty.  Every game mode has 3 difficulties, Arcade, Realistic, and Simulator. There are other modes in single-player, like various campaign modes and missions. 

In every mode or difficulty, each team has 16 players for a 16v16 match. You can even attack ground forces with bombs, but not the other way around. Though, there is one map that allows you to coordinate between different forces to attack the enemies. Apart from difficulty and game modes, there are other options for game types like Deathmatch, Domination, Rapid-fire, Ground Attack et cetera. 

Each of these game types has unique missions and objectives that the players compete on. The arcade mode is a little easier compared to the other modes like realistic and simulator. The hardest one being a simulator mode that can only be played from the first-person perspective… 

If you like to relive some historical moments of World War 2 or maybe rewrite them, then you can play the Historic battle mode in War Thunder. The historic battles are some important moments in World War 2 like ‘Pearl Harbor. Though the ground battles and naval fights are great, it’s the air fights that shine in the War Thunder. 

There have been many flight simulator games, but it provides a better overall experience in this regard.

Matchmaking in War thunder

Every multiplayer game has a matchmaking procedure that divides various players depending on their in-game stats, so does War thunder. There is a stat called the Battle Rating(BR) which is how the matchmaker split its player into different teams and servers.

Every team is balanced on the server so that every player has an equal opportunity to win the game. Every player in the server will be added to a team if his/her BR is between 1.0 of the positive and negative side. Again, teams in the server will have players with balanced BR, like any team will not have more than 4 players with maximum BR. 

Similarly, for air battles, there can only be a limit of 5 bomber planes in a team. By providing these criteria, every team on the server has an equal opportunity to crush the other team. Now, the moment you click on start battle for the game, you will enter a sort of virtual lobby where all players are kept on stand-by till they are assigned to a particular team on the server.

This system is employed in all three games modes in War Thunder. Each vehicle has its BR through which they are assigned a team in every single mode. If your vehicle doesn’t cross the required BR criteria for the selected game mode, then you cannot play the game with that vehicle.

System Requirements

If you are familiar with games, then you know that you can’t just install any game before checking if it is compatible with your device. So to find out if your device can run the War Thunder game, check the system requirements below.

Here we are going to cover the minimum requirements in a device to run War Thunder.


Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: You will need Direct X 10.1, for graphics at least Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon 77XX / Intel HD Graphics 5100.

Processor: 2.2GHz Dual-Core

Hard Disk Space: At least 17 GB

Now if your PC / Laptop does have these specs then rest assured you can run this game. These specs are for Windows devices and apart from these devices, the game can be played on MAC and Linux devices too. For info on compatibility for these devices, you can check this War Thunder Compatibility.

Other than the PC/Laptop devices, the game is also available for other consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

You can choose any game mode and choose from various vehicles depending on the country in-game. That’s right, you can choose which side you fight for, and since the game is designed in the backdrop of World War 2, you got many countries fighting for victory. The gameplay and the mechanics are what make this game so interesting and compelling for many players. 

Apart from the high octane action and the historic events in the game, there is another important thing that keeps players hooked to the game. It’s the skins available for different vehicles in War Thunder.

War Thunder Skins

We as humans always tend to get bored with stuff easily, and looking at the same things for quite a while can make you lose interest in it. Games aren’t much different in that regard. To make a player stick to the game, many developers add different game modes and other interesting upgrades or even some in-game purchases for players that can give them some edge over the others.

Even with unique gameplay, if your character, avatar, or vehicle in-game looks the same for a certain period then you lose a little interest in the game. So many games add skins for weapons, characters, and vehicles to appear not so boring. Similarly, there are War Thunder skins in the game that can apply to various vehicles in the game.

The only difference that these War Thunder skins provide in the WT is that they look cool, but if you’re expecting any boost to your stats in the game then you, my friend, are mistaken. These War thunder skins are aesthetic and can only be seen by the player who has applied this war thunder user skin.

Some war thunder user skins are provided for every player, and apart from that, there are many war thunder custom skins available for every player WT live portal. There are many kinds of camouflage customs skins for war thunder players which can be selected from the in-game menu.

Why do users love War Thunder skins?

Most games introduce skins to provide players with a sense that there is something new and interesting in the game. Though the skins don’t provide any competitive edge in terms of gameplay, they do make games look better. Skins were first introduced in 2012 when valve launched the Counter-Strike Global Offense game. 

People loved the aesthetics that skins provided for their weapons in the game. That’s when others applied the same formula and added various skins for their games. To get these skins, you either had to invest money in the game or unlock them by completing some objectives. For many players, unlocking various skins was a sense of pride for their gaming skills, while for others it was just a show-off of their wealth.

Here in War Thunder, that idea is slightly different as you don’t have to pay or finish missions to get skins, but you may get them directly from the in-game settings or through the WT Live portal for the War Thunder skins. You can find many War thunder customs skins and other camouflage skins in the wt live portal.

WT Live

WT live is like a community for the player as it has all kinds of stuff on the game. People post various videos, images, war thunder custom skins, and sounds that other players can add to their game. Most of these skins are free to add for any player.

Another reason why people love these skins is that some war thunder skins for different vehicles are pretty accurate to the real ones used in World War 2. Like Captain William Whisner’s plane design in World War 2, his plane was called the ‘Flying Ace’. While some people like historical accuracy in their games, others just want their war machines to look cool, even if they don’t exactly agree with historical accuracy. 

How to create War Thunder Custom Skins?

Apart from the camouflage skins that are already available for various devices in War Thunder, you may customize and make skins for planes, tanks, and warships. Though creating custom skins for tanks and ships is a little more difficult than it is for planes, it is still possible. 

Before you begin to customize your skin, you need a photo editing tool on your device, preferably the Photoshop tool. You can also use other image editing tools as well, and save the customized in .tga format. Now to create a custom skin, follow the procedure provided below.

Creating Custom Skins

  1. First, select any plane or any other vehicle that you want to customize from your game. 
  2. Now click on the customization option for that plane. In customization, you will have an option that will have a wand icon, click on it.
  3. With that, a new sample skin, which is sort of a template for the skin that you want to edit, will be created. You need to save that with some name of your choice.
  4. After that is done, go to the ‘UserSkins’ which can be found in the War Thunder installed directory.
  5. In that folder, open another folder that has the same name as your previous saved template. Now you will see a few files, from which you need to open the first TGA file in that folder by right-clicking on it and selecting to open it with your imaging editing tool.
  6. Now you can edit the skin with your editing tool, and change it the way you want it. 
  7. When you are done with editing, always save the changes in the format.
  8. For the final steps, open the game again and select the customization option for your plane. You can find your saved template in the ‘user skins’ option, apply and save the changes.

With this, you have your very own War Thunder custom skin.

Trading for War Thunder Skins

Many games now, including the War thunder, have many skins for their in-game characters and motor wheels, but this skin feature wasn’t always available in games. It all started in 2012 when Valve introduced skins in their new game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: ItsGO) and Team Fortress 2. Both of these are first-person shooter games that are known for their high octane multiplayer mode.

CS GO was pretty similar to its predecessors except for the option to buy various gun skins. It was then the trading of these skins began. Many game studios started adding various skins to their games. Some of these skins can be unlocked with achievements, while others require you to pay a few bucks. 

There is a separate market for these skins where you can buy or deal with other players. Unlike EA that uses high amounts of microtransactions to suck your money for various stuff, War Thunder skins can be bought using Gaijin coins, though these too can be bought using your real currency. Other than real money, you can also get Gaijin coins by selling your in-game stuff.

These Gaijin coins can be used for items like skins and various packs that are available in the marketplace or the online store.

Steps to trade your War Thunder Skins

  1. To buy or sell any item in War Thunder you need to go to the marketplace menu which is under the ‘Shop’ menu.
  2. Other than that, you can also use the online trading site Gaijin Trade for trading your War Thunder Custom skins or other stuff. 
  3. Though before doing any sort of trading you need to get your account verified, only then can you sell/buy stuff.
  4. After you access the marketplace, you can check all the stuff that is eligible for trade that you have unlocked in your account.
  5. For selling any item, you should just click on sell and then assign a price for it. Gaijin will charge you a certain amount from the selling price for any trade.
  6. You can also check other people’s stuff that they added in the marketplace to sell.
  7. Keep track of any order that you have added to purchase from the marketplace.

There is an important thing that you need to remember before trading anything. Any custom skin or stuff that you want to sell shouldn’t be activated. Meaning, you cannot use an item and then sell it. So if you have any War Thunder Camouflage, then make sure that you do not activate it if you intend to sell it. Though you can check it using the preview option.

For more info on this, you can check this Gaijin support site.

How to install any War Thunder Custom Skins?

Placing a War Thunder custom skin is pretty similar to creating one. The only difference is that you don’t have to design, but rather you can just download and install it. SO if you still need to know how, then check the tutorial below.

  1. First, you need to select a vehicle that you want to add a new custom skin.
  2. Next, you select the vehicle, click on the customization option. Then you need to click on the want button to create a custom skin template.
  3. You should already have a war thunder custom skin downloaded to follow the next steps, and if you don’t, then check the wt live to find your dream war thunder custom skin.
  4. Go to the ‘user skins’ folder in your War Thunder, which is in the Steam folder.
  5. Here, you need to replace the old files of selected skin that you want to customize with the newly downloaded files.
  6. Finally, change the skin name to your preferred choice rather than disabled.

This should do the trick, return to the game, and you will find the new war thunder custom skin applied.

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The best War Thunder Skins

How can we talk about war thunder user skins and not include some of them? Here we have compiled a few such war thunder user skins that you will love. These War Thunder skins are for planes, tanks, and ships, so you can choose for any vehicle that you prefer in-game, also all the skins mentioned below and much more are available in the wt live site of war thunder. You can also use this WT Live link for other custom camouflage skins.



This modern design for a tank is what makes custom skins so fun. Not only does this skin provide a modern touch to your World War 2 tank, but it also makes it a little intimidating for your enemies. This custom skin is from Tovarish Rostov and can be downloaded from the wt live which is 291.3 MB in size.

Also, if you like this skin, then do check out other skins from him.

Download Link

Douglas A-26B-56-DL ‘Invader’ “Nan”

Douglas A-26B-56-DL 'Invader' "Nan"

This custom skin for war thunder is a pretty good replica of an original plane from Japan, which was also named Douglas A-26B-56-DL ‘Invader’ “Nan”. It has a kind of funny story.

So, this plane was about to take off but for some reason, the pilot decided to stop the take-off while it was about to go off the runway. The result was that the plane ran into the sand, and it flipped in the sand while its nose gear got destroyed. Luckily, no one on the plane was harmed except for a few minor injuries.

It happened in the Iwakuni Airbase of Japan. This is one of the good war thunder skins that are also available in WT Live, which takes just 81.50 MB of your disk space.

Download Link

M3A3 Bradley – 1-22

This custom tank skin might look familiar to many US citizens, as it is almost identical to the NY National Guard tank of the Cavalry division. Remember I said almost identical, as it has some changes in design when compared to the actual model. Even with a few changes, you can still agree that camouflage skin is amazing.

You can download this 28.9 MB skin from wt live as usual, and check the creators’ other skins as there are plenty of custom skins for various vehicles. The creator’s name is ItssLuBu.

Download Link

Zara “Fiume” by Liechtensteinn

Zara “Fiume” by Liechtensteinn

Imagine looking at a huge warship with quirky colors but still a classy design, it’s something that you may never see in your lifetime, at least not in reality. Though, that can be made real with war thunder custom skins. 

It’s a semi-historical design custom skin for your ship, which is 71.25 MB in size. You check other custom ships and tanks skins from Liechtensteien.

Download Link

Bf 109 k4 Wunderwaffe Skin

Bf 109 k4 Wunderwaffe Skin

This 4k design skin for war thunder planes is pretty great camouflage in battles. Its design is based on the World War 2 German planes. During World War 2 many scientists in Germany were working various ways to turn the tide of war in their favor. 

Apart from the nontraditional and unorthodox methods employed by the German forces, one such tactic was the use of optical camouflage to evade and ambush enemies. This skin provides a perfect opportunity for that. 

Download Link

Douglas TB-26 B Invader

Douglas TB-26 B Invader

If you are more of a history buff and prefer your games to have some sort of connection to the real world, then here is a war thunder skin that is closer to reality. This skin is based on a Chilean Air force plane design that was used around the late 1960s. 

Download Link

Su-17M2 Splitter camo

Su-17M2 Splitter camo

For your Su-17M2 fighter planes, here is a war thunder custom skin based on Russian Sukhoi aircraft. This skin is designed in 4k to provide users with the best gaming experience during battles. It is one of the most amazing war thunder camouflages. You can find this and many other skins like this in the wt live or marketplace, and if you do not have any intention of searching for it then you can also use the download below.

Download Link

1945 IJN Isuzu

1945 IJN Isuzu War Thunder

Most war thunder skins that you find for ships don’t usually are colorful. Skins for warships mostly involve a gray color, with some little changes in camouflage. This skin is based on a Japanese cruiser ship of Nagara class and is pretty different from the usual pale custom skins. Even though it is a fictional design, it has taken its inspiration from the Japanese ships used during the early 1940s.

Download Link

M60A3 TTS Camouflage skin

M60A3 TTS Camouflage skin War thunder

A war thunder custom skin for your ground forces is a slightly historical design that is taken from the armed forces of Taiwan. You can download this using the link below or find it on the wt live along with many other skins like this.

Download Link

Prinz Eugen from Azur Lane

Prinz Eugen from Azur Lane War Thunder

If you are an anime and gaming fan then this skin which is the combination of two very different pop culture phenomena can be a perfect choice for you. This skin for your ship has an Azure lane design, which is an anime game.

Download Link

These are a few custom skins that you can use for your game, for more check out the marketplace.

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It has been more than 8 years and the game war thunder has been going pretty strong with enough fan base playing it. If you are one of those, you want to update your inventory with the latest skins for your game. That my friend is precisely why we have provided you with some of the best skins in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

How can I download the War thunder game?

The game is directly available from the official war thunder site, as it is a free-to-play game. You can visit the War Thunder official site and choose the download options according to your device.

Is the game available for the new PS5 console?

Yes, you can play this game with the new Sony PS5 console.

Can I use different vehicles in a single battle?

A single player can only use one type of vehicle in a match, but other players in his/her team can use other vehicles for attack or support. Like a bomber can destroy ships on the water while tanks can take down some planes.

Are online battles random?

Yes and no. You can either join a random team in multiplayer or assemble your squad to play in the game.

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