Wizard 5e

Wizard 5e

Are you one of those people who love the Powerful Wizard Class Character in the Dungeons & Dragons Game? Then you are in the right place. As here in this article, we are going to discuss the Wizard Class Character in much more detail. Along with their various magic abilities, features, and many more. In addition to this, we are going to explain why the Wizard Class Characters are very popular among the DnD Players. In addition to this, we will provide a complete guide on how to create a Wizard Class Character in the Dungeons & Dragons 5e game. Furthermore, we have listed some of the best subclasses of the Wizard 5e in the below sections.

What Is a Wizard in DnD 5e?

 Wizard 5e
Wizard 5e

Now if you have not played the Dungeons and Dragons game before, and you have no idea about the Wizard Class Character. Then don’t worry, as we will provide a brief description for you here in this section. First of all, Wizard 5e is one of the most powerful magic users in the DnD Game and can be clearly identified by their long coats, as well as the magical staff in their hands. However, the Wizards are beings who strive to gather knowledge, due to which they are often found working at a library or laboratories. Which in turn helps them to alleviate their position in the team using their knowledge as key.

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While most of the Wizards are commonly offering their services to the Divine, there are some who work in military forces or some group who fights against crimes or domination. However, the Wizards due to their drive to learn knowledge, often strive to learn more powerful ancient magic spells that are lost to the new world. Moreover, Wizards 5e are totally dependent on magic spells, as they perform all their functions using these spells. Which in turn makes them not the best combat fighters as they do not possess any useful melee weapons in their arsenal.

What Are the Benefits of Wizard 5e Class Character in the DnD Game?

Here in this section, we are going to discuss in detail the various benefits of the Wizard 5e Class Characters in the DnD game. And help you understand why people love the Wizard 5e character.

Powerful Magic Users

As stated in the above sections, the Wizard Class Characters are very powerful magic users often having their abilities on par with Sorcerer Class Characters in the Dungeons & Dragons game. Moreover, their magic spells help them to perform various functions. Firstly, cause high damage to more than one target at the same time. Secondly, use their healing spells to heal more than one ally. In addition to this, these class characters are capable of opening portals to other worlds, raining down fire, lightning, and many more during the gameplay.


From the above sections, you can understand that Wizards 5e is also the most popular due to their knowledge or their drive to gather new knowledge during the gameplay. Which in turn, helps them to access the Proficiency Skills in Intelligence, which can be useful for intelligence saving throws in the game to escape the oncoming hits from the magic spells or melee weapons of the target. In addition to this, their ability to get into various types of magic wizard schools 5e  to improve their knowledge and learn multiple types of magic spells make them a popular choice for the player.


When talking about the Wizard Class Characters in the DnD Game, you must know that they are very versatile in using the various required magic spells in their arsenal whenever required. This in turn makes them the best magic-user, in terms of the ability to cast any type of magic spell, unlike the Sorcerer Class Characters. Furthermore, this feature helps them to adapt to every situation they face as they progress through the levels in the Dungeons & Dragons game. In addition to this, d&d wizard 5e class characters have the ability to swap their magic spells after every long rest, which can be useful while facing the toughest creatures in the game at higher levels.

More Spells

The most unique feature about the Wizards 5e class characters is that, due to their wide knowledge of magic. They have the ability to access various types of spells in the game at the lower levels, unlike the Sorcerer class characters. Which in turn makes them one of the main players in the team due to their wide range of abilities. In addition to this, the wider variety of spells, helps the Wizards to use various types of magic spells to take on multiple enemies at the same time or heal as many allies as possible. However, the most important part is the ability to switch between the multiple spells, which will make the character more interesting and unique.

Complete D&D 5e Wizard Guide

Now that you learned all about the Wizard 5e class character in the DnD 5th Edition. Let us now help you out on how to create your own Wizard Class Character. If you follow the comprehensive instructions given below.

Choose the Role Type

The first step in creating the Wizard Class Character is to choose the Role Type for them. This means their role in the team, as a main character or support role. However, before you decide that, you must know that the Wizard’s 5e class characters are versatile and can easily take on any role given by the players. This can be very helpful for the team as a whole, as they can become healers, ranged magic users, as well as support players during the gameplay.

Select Race

As you know the Dungeons & Dragons game offers various types of races for their class characters. Similarly, it offers multiple races for the Wizard Class Characters to choose from. Such as Human, Goblin. Goliath, Half-Elf, Tiefling, Hex Blood, Reborn, Feral, Winged, and many more. In addition to this, each of these races offers unique abilities for the players as they progress through the levels in the game. While they also offer unique weapon styles, knowledge, and magic spells for the players. Moreover, depending on the race type picked by the players, they can participate in new types of adventures in the game.

Ability Scores

If you have played the Dungeons and Dragons game before, then you must have known that Ability Scores are very important for the characters. As they help the players decide how their characters react to various situations during gameplay or whether to choose their character to be a good one or a bad one. While the players have the ability to decide the ability scores for the characters, they must remember that there are certain ability scores that are required by the class characters to perform better.

This is why, the Wizard Class Character requires ability scores like Intelligence which is the most important one, while the Dexterity and Constitution are the second most important ability scores. Apart from this, the ability scores might also depend on the assigning method chosen by the Dungeon Master before the start of the game in question.

Magic Schools

The Wizard class characters are the secondary characters in the game, who have the ability to go to various types of magic schools in the game. Wizard schools 5e  like School of Divination, School of Conjuration, School of Evocation, School of Enchantment, School of Necromancy, School of Illusion, and School of Transmutation. Depending on the type of magic schools chosen by the players, they will learn the various powerful magic spells from that school. And the magic spell learned at the respective magic schools listed in the above section, will also decide the type of character, Wizard 5e is going to be in the DnD Game.


Even if the Wizard Class Characters are magic users, they still have the ability to choose various types of skills during the character creation process. Only certain skills are the best suitable for characters like Wizards who depend solely on magic. However, the DnD Game offers various skill options such as Arcana, Religion, Medicine, Investigation, Insight, and History. Moreover, depending on the type of skill chosen by the character or the player, he/she will unlock more new few abilities, skills, or features at medium as well as higher levels in the game.


Another important feature that the players must choose is to complete the Character creation process. While the background option in the game is of a wide variety, you must remember that they affect the type of skills the players can access during gameplay. As well as the ability scores needed for the d&d 5e wizard class character. Moreover, the background of the character, make them more interesting and realistic for the players who choose this class character. And not just that, the background stories can offer new mysteries at the higher levels in the game, for the characters to solve, which will cause them to take on adventures.


Feats are also very important for the characters, as they represent the expertise of certain class characters like Wizards. While there are many feats in general for the players to choose from, only some of them would be the best suitable for the Wizard Class Character. Such as Linguist, Lucky, Keen Mind, Observant, Elemental Adept, Healer, as well as Alert. If you have chosen some of the other types of feats for the said class character, then they will offer you less to no features or functions.

Weapons & Armor

For magic casters or users such as the Wizard Class character, the armor is not a popular option. As they are far magic users, who use magic spells to destroy the enemies from far away distance. This means the chances of getting damaged by enemies attacks is less. However, if they are in the range of enemy attacks, they can use their spells to defend themselves or encase around them like armor. In addition to this, the Wizard Class characters have access to only a few types of weapons as they are highly dependent on magic spells to perform multiple functions. These weapons are Light Cross Bows, Daggers, Slings, Darts, and Quarter staffs.

What Are the Various Subclasses of Wizard 5e Class Character?

In this section, we will list out all the Subclasses of the Wizard 5e Class Character in the Dungeons & Dragons Game. Along with their various functions, benefits, as well as disadvantages.

Blade Slinger

Blade Slinger

If you are one of those people who want the Wizard Class Character to also have combat expertise as well as face the enemies in melee combat at front lines. Then the Blade Slinger might be the best suitable one for you. In addition, they can also obtain light armor during gameplay by learning or completing the War on Song training. More importantly, the Blade Slinger subclass character allows the players to switch between the melee weapons and magic spells whenever required during the gameplay. Moreover, the subclass character improves the defense abilities of the player allowing them to deal with higher damage hits caused by the targets. However, the most unique feature offered by the Blade Slinger Sub Class Character is the ancient artifact weapon. That allows them to cause high damage to the targets on successful hits.

Order of Scribes

Order of Scribes

Do you love collecting the various spells in the Dungeons & Dragons game? Then the Order of Scribes Sub Class Character will help you do just that. This class character is more concentrated on collecting spells rather than learning them in various magic wizard schools 5e in the game. Which in turn helps them to become scholars in the game, rather than just being magic cast users. However, the unique feature of this subclass character, is that they change the damaging types in the game for their spells whenever required. Allowing them to defeat multiple types of enemies during battle. In addition to this, the Manifest Mind ability of this subclass character, allows the players to increase their range of efficiency exponentially during the game. Moreover, they can use the invisibility spell to hide during battle and land devastating hits using their magic spells without getting detected.

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War Magic

War Magic

If you want to be on the front lines of the battles, and don’t want to be a combat fighter, but a powerful magic user then there is nothing better than the War Magic Subclass. In addition, this being a frontline player, means the character will unlock various types of defensive spells, that help them to deal with high levels of damage during the battle. Moreover, it also means that the players will access various types of attack spells, that will help them face multiple enemies or targets at once on the battlefield.

Some of the popular spells, that the players can access by choosing the War Magic subclass character in the Dungeons & Dragons game are Durable Magic, Arcane Deflection, Tactical Wit, and Deflecting Shroud, etc. Apart from this, the War Magic subclass characters help the players to escape the concentration penalties by using bonuses. Which in turn, help them to freely access the various type of spells in their arsenal whenever needed.

Chronurgy Magic

Chronurgy Magic

If you love magic users who can manipulate the time itself or screw it up like our Famous Dr. Strange. Then the Chronurgy Magic subclass character will be the ideal one for you. However, the most unique feature of this subclass character is that they have the ability to re-roll their own rolls, to get better numbers. And not just that, they can also re-roll other creatures’ rolls, causing them a disadvantage. Moreover, you can do all this from just the 2nd level in the Dungeons & Dragons game, and in addition, can also earn the intelligence modifier. More importantly, these subclass characters further increase their magic abilities as they progress through the levels in the game, often having the ability to stop the advancement of the target, encamping them in a Momentary Stasis.

School of Divination

School of Divination

For the people who love to decide their own fates, by looking into the future, this powerful magic subclass character will be the best one for them. Moreover, the School of Divination subclass character will earn the ability to manipulate the rolls to their liking. In other words, they can use their magic spells, to roll the dice twice, or make the targets choose low number rolls, as well as substitute their rolls. However, the ability to look into the future helps these class characters, to strategize the battlefield in a better way, to make sure their allies do not fall to their supposed deaths. Which can be very helpful for the team as a whole. Apart from this, the School of Divination subclass character helps the allies or other team members to deal with higher levels of damage, with magic spells such as Hunter’s Mark, True Strike, and Guidance.

School of Abjuration

School of Abjuration

When you are facing the toughest creatures or the enemies during the DnD Gameplay, then one of the best wizard schools 5e, the School of Abjuration might be the best-suited one for you. As the magic spells in the arsenal of this subclass character can help the players to deny or reduce the effects of the damage hist caused by the targets, making them invulnerable. Which in turn helps them to use their spells to protect the allies in the battle, increasing the chances of their success. And not just that, by attending this d&d wizard schools 5e, the players can also access various powerful magic spells. That helps them to heal themselves or their allies.

Some of the popular spells of this subclass character in the DnD game are Protection From Energy, Counter Spell, Shield, Dispel Magic, Aid, and Pass Without a Trace, etc. Above all, not only do these subclass characters have the ability to use protection spells, but they can also have the opportunity to reduce the damage taken by them or allies.

School of Conjuration

School of Conjuration

The School of Conjuration subclass characters is all about summoning dangerous creatures to act as their servants or an extension during the battles. Which will be very helpful for the team as a whole. And not just that, this subclass character also has the ability to summon various objects out of thin air, such as swords, blades, mystical items, etc for themselves or their allies. Moreover, this subclass character can also access teleportation magic spells, which help them to trade places with their allies or successfully strike down an unsuspecting enemy. Some of the popular magic spells accessible to the School of Conjuration subclass character are Arms of Hadar, Misty Step, Thunder Step, Sword Burst, Fog Cloud, Far Step and Entangle, etc. In addition to this, the Focus Conjuration ability helps them to not lose concentration even when taking heavy damage by the hits landed by the enemies or targets.

School of Illusion

School of Illusion

What better way to confuse or manipulate an advancing enemy force in the DnD Game? Then an Illusion. And the School of Illusion subclass characters will help you do just that. By becoming this subclass character, the players can use their wild imagination to generate various types of illusions based on their liking. However, this subclass character requires the players to be more imaginative as you can understand from the above sections, as the illusion spells in their arsenal solely depend on that. Moreover, the Illusion Self spell allows them to create an identical clone of themselves to confuse the targets. In addition to that, this clone can also take the damage for the real character. Greater Invisibility, Blur Mirror Image, Silence, Terrain, Major Image, Invisibility, and Hallucinatory Terrain are some of the popular magic spells accessible to this subclass character.

School of Transmutation

School of Transmutation

As the name itself suggests, this subclass character will be able to access the magic spells which help them to transform one object to the other, by bending both mental as well as physical limitations to their liking. In addition to this, the School of Transmutation Sub Class Character gets various buffs and re-buffs throughout the gameplay. Which can be useful for them as well as their team members. Moreover, their transformation magic spells, help them to transfer simple objects to powerful melee weapons. Helping the other team members to land devastating hits on the targets or enemies. This subclass character can access various popular transmutation spells such as Feather Fall, Shape Water, Shape Changer, Minor Alchemy, Prestidigitation, and Message, etc. Apart from this, there are no other popular features or functions for these magic spells of the Subclass character.

School of Necromancy

School of Necromancy

If you want to choose the Most Dangerous Subclass Characters for the D&D Wizard 5e Class Character, then the School of Necromancy will be the best bet for you. As this subclass character, has access to the most frightening as well as powerful spells, that will be able to help them to take the undead characters in the game, as their servants. And not just that, the number of servants under this subclass character, depends on the player’s level in the Dungeons & Dragons game. Moreover, these players can use the undead characters to land devastating hits on the targets, turning the tide of the battle in their favor. These are some popular spells of this subclass character, Ray of Sickness, Summon Dead, Animate Dead, Toll the End, Raise Dead, Inflict Wounds, Spare the Dying, Raise Dead and Cause Fear.

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In this article, we have discussed in detail the D&D Wizard 5e Class Character along with their various functions and limitations. Next, we have listed some of the best features of the D&D wizard’s 5e character, along with brief descriptions. After that, we have provided the complete d&d 5e wizard guide on How to create the Wizard 5e character in the Dungeons & Dragons Game. And lastly, we have listed some of the best subclass characters under the Wizard character, along with their various features, functions as well as limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the Wizard 5e Class Characters so popular?

The D&D 5e Wizard Class Character is one of the most powerful magic users in the Dungeons and Dragons game, who can access a multitude of spells, to cause damage, grant damage-dealing abilities as well as healing abilities.

What are the various subclasses of the Wizard 5e Class Character?

War Magic, Order of the Scribes, Blade Slinger, School of Necromancy, School of Conjuration, School of Illusion, School of Abjuration, School of Divination, Chronurgy Magic, and School of Transmutation are the various subclass characters of the Wizard 5e.

Name some popular spells of the d&d 5e wizard?

The d&d 5e wizard has various popular magic spells in his/her arsenal such as Wish, Feeble Mind, Force Cage, Wall of Force, Mass Suggestion, Fireball, Sickening Radiance, Invisibility, Counter Spell and many more

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