XRay Mod 1.13.2

XRay Mod 1.13.2

The utility of mods can range from simple stuff like a chisel to some large-scale mods like Tinkers Construct or Just Enough Items. By assigning the term simple I don’t intend to differentiate them as useless but rather fewer features and easy usability. Many simple mods in Minecraft can be very useful and save a lot of time and effort. One such mod is the XRay Mod 1.13.2.

What is the XRay Mod 1.13.2?

With the XRay mod 1.13.2, you can scan the ground to find any hidden items like ores and other materials. This mod can be very useful if you are mining for ore or items. Not just that, it comes with an array of other features like cave finder, Full bright, fly, fly speed, and some other configurations. 

Each feature in this mod can be activated with their default keybindings, these keybindings are often configurable from the mod settings menu. There are many customization options in this mod that lets you configure which blocks to see through the ones that should be rendered. You can then assign separate keys to the other blocks that cannot be rendered. You can then only see through blocks that are not rendered. 

The customization option can be very helpful to select block rendering if you have multiple mods installed on your device. Also, you can use the “R” to only see Redstone with the Minecraft XRay mod 1.13.2.

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Other Features of Minecraft XRay Mod 1.13.2


Like Minecraft XRay mod 1.13.2, the cave finder lets you scout various caves searching for items and other loot. The view with the cave finder is a little different from the XRay as the cave finder only shows caves and the rest is all bright light. You can use this feature with the default assigned key which is “C”. If the keybinding isn’t to your liking then you can change it from the XRay mods menu.

Full Bright Mode

When exploring caves or underwater places this option can help search the area. With this option activated using the “L” key, the whole map around will light up like the 4th of July. Any dark places invisible before will know now be seen clearly.  This may seem like an insignificant option but wait till you explore some dark places. 

Other Features

Sometimes it is annoying to see the coordinates that are displayed on your screen in the top right corner. You can change these coordinate displays from the user interface menu that can be found at the bottom of the screen.

Another feature of this mod is that it allows you to fly, all you have to do is jump twice and move around to fly high, or you can use press the flying key twice to start flying instead of jump flying. You may find that there is no default key for flying, so you should assign one before you try flying. If you want to know how to configure these options then check this XRay Mod 1.13.2 configuration.

One important thing about using the XRay 1.13.2 mod is that you cannot use it in multiplayer mode, as it would be considered cheating, and will lead to a ban from the match. Usually, almost every server blocks XRay and any mod that would provide a player an advantage over another. So you shouldn’t try this mod in multiplayer matches. 

Different Versions of XRay Mod 1.13.2

While XRay Mod 1.13.2 is the best Minecraft XRay mod available in the game, a few more of these XRay-type mods are available in the game that can also be worth using. Here we are going to list a few other mods that you can check out.

Advanced XRay Mod

Advanced XRay Mod
XRay Mod 1.13.2 Advanced Mod

This is the latest version of the XRay mod that is available for forge Minecraft. Any player who is using new versions of Minecraft should install this mod as it is only available for versions 1.12 and above. You can select the kind of blocks that you want to see with mod, and it will precisely show only those blocks. There is also an option to add blocks that you are currently looking at.

The mod menu can be used for various other settings like adding or deleting a particular block, and the UI is pretty easy to use. Another feature of this mod is that rather than removing the unnecessary blocks it only highlights the ones that we choose. This may be an issue sometimes if there are too many blocks, and it may be difficult to track the required one. Apart from that one hiccup, this is a great mod. For the in-game setting of this mod, you can check the download link which explains how to configure this mod.

Rift XRay Mod

Rift XRay Mod
XRay Mod 1.13.2 Rift Mod

Another mod that lets search for ores, blocks, and other stuff with XRay vision. Just like the previous mod you can choose which blocks you want to see by adding them from the mod menu. It has 5 different keys that you can use for specific functions. Like X to toggle XRay, C to toggle cave mode, with R key you can toggle Redstone mode, N to open the XRay menu, and finally you can use H to toggle Fulbright.

The Fullbright feature isn’t available in the Advanced XRay mod, so if you need this feature along with the common XRay options then this is the one for you. It also has the option to create custom XRay mods, and enable/disable any of these features from the menu.

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CJB XRay Mod

CJB XRay Mod
XRay Mod 1.13.2 CBJ Mod

If you are looking for a mod with only an X-ray option then this is it. Sometimes all you need is simplicity, and with CJB XRay mod you get that. All you have to do is go to the mod menu and mark the block that you want to see with this mod, and it will only show you those blocks. You can mark multiple blocks at a time.

To use the XRay view you can use the “X” key from your keyboard, and the “Z” key to use the cave mode. This mod offers two unique features that are not available in the above two mods which are the night vision and entity X-Ray. You can use it with the “N” key for night vision and the “B” key for entity X-ray.

X-Ray Ultimate Resource Pack 1.14.2

X-Ray Ultimate Resource Pack 1.14.2

This is more of an X-ray resource pack 1.14.2 than it is a mod, but it does work in similar ways. It specifically highlights every ore and mineral in your vicinity and even highlights blocks. While it may sound very convenient(which it is), your screen can get quite messy.  

If you go to a cave and use this resource, it will show you every available ore and mineral along with selected blocks. So you can imagine how confusing it can get, but the good thing is that you get used to it after a while. It has a good resolution so do not have to worry about any fps drops.

To use this pack you will need OptiFine which also lets you use Night vision with this mod.

These are the few good mods that you can use instead of XRay mod Minecraft 1.13.2. Apart from these, there are some more, but they do not frequently update and prone to be bug-ridden. To add these mods to your game check out the tutorial provided below.

Steps to Install the XRay Mod 1.13.2  

Before you begin installing the actual mods you need to make sure that you have forge installed for your Minecraft. Forge is required to run mods, so if you do not have it then you can download it from Forge Minecraft. Just download forge and run the file and follow the onscreen instructions to finish the installation. When that is done you can start installing mods.

  1. Select the right version of the mod which should be similar to your forge version, and download the file.
  2. Now you have to place the .jar file into the mods folder of .minecraft. 
  3. To find the mods folder you can use the Run box to enter “%appdata%”  or you can enter the same in your Windows search bar. 
  4. When you find the mod folder, move the .jar file in it. In case if there isn’t a mod folder you can create one.
  5. Now that the installation of the mod over, you need to open the game in forge profile from the Minecraft launcher. 

This is the most common and old method useful to install mods in older versions of Minecraft. For the newer version of Minecraft, there is a more simple method which you can find out below.

Mod Installations for New Versions of Minecraft

  1. After you have downloaded the mod and forge for Minecraft, open the Minecraft launcher.
  2. Go to the Installations tab on the launcher. There you will find forge installed, and when you bring your cursor on forge you will see a file icon next to the play button.
  3. Click on that file icon and new windows open that have every Minecraft file.
  4. In there, you will find the mods folder, and if there is no mod folder, you can just create one.
  5. Now you can drag and drop or move the downloaded .jar file into that mod folder.
  6. With this, your mod is successfully installed on your forge Minecraft.

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XRay feature is a convenient little option that makes exploration in Minecraft much easier and less time-consuming. The XRay mod 1.13.2 also brings with it features like flying, cave exploration, night vision, and Fullbright. All these features are purely intended for exploration, and they really help in that aspect. 

The mod also has some configuration options that you can check from the mods menu to assign keys, change some display settings for coordinates, and aspects of the mod. If you cannot find this mod for newer versions of the game then you can try other mods that are similar to this one. All the necessary info and download links for other mods are already provided.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the XRay hack in Minecraft?

The XRay hack in Minecraft is done by using various mods like the Advanced XRay mod, CBJ XRay mod, or the XRay 1.13.2 mod. While these mod aren’t considered hacks in single-player games, you definitely shouldn’t use these in multiplayer mode.

How to get XRay in Minecraft?

To get XRay in Minecraft you simply have to install the mod and use the “X” or any other default key to activate the XRay mode. You can also change these default key binding from the mods menu. 

What is the XRay resource pack 1.14.2?

The XRay resource pack 1.14.2 or the 1.14.2 XRay texture pack are the same mods that add the feature to your Minecraft game. While texture or resource pack may seem like an add-on, but it is a separate mod that does all the things that an XRay mod does. One difference you will see is that the XRay resource pack 1.14.2 requires OptiFine to use the Fullbright feature while other XRay mods don’t. 

What other features are added in XRay mod other XRay?

The XRay mod has features like flying, night vision, cave finder, and some other configuration options.

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