Yorha Betrayers

Yorha Betrayers

Have you ever played the Nier Automata Action Video Game before? If you did goo for you. If you did not, then let me tell you, you are missing out on a lot of fun. However, if you are interested in learning more about the Nier Automata Game, then you are in the right place. As here in this article, we are going to discuss all the Yorha Betrayers Quest in the action game in the question. And find out more about the various missions and rewards offered by this quest.

What Is Nier Automata?

Nier Automata
Nier Automata

A popular action game that was designed as a spinoff or tribute to the Drakengard Game Series that was very popular in Japan. The game story is very future-oriented, as the main story involves a proxy war. That is occurring between the human-created androids and the alien-created machines. However, the most important feature of this game, the main characters are not humans, but the android created by humans. The Main Characters are 9S, A2, and B2, android robots, who participate in the battle. However, the game is much more interesting than other action games as it is a hack and slash type of combat game. As the players progress through the game, they will unlock many new storylines and rewards.

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Above all the android robots in the game form relationships with the fellow androids and throughout the game they fight against the alien machines that are hell-bent on eradicating all humans from the planet earth. The Human android Force is led by the Commander who gives orders to all the human-made androids on how to destroy the enemy encampments in the game. And another feature of this action-packed game is the awesome background music, which makes the game more engaging and entertaining.

Who Are Yorha Betrayers?

Who are Yorha Betrayers
Yorha Betrayers

As the name itself suggests the Yorha Betrayers are a group of androids from the human side of the conflict, who changed the sides. And by doing so, they have destroyed some foremost resistance camps against the Alien machines. Yorha Betrayers group consists of three human-made android machines known as 22B, 8B, and 64B. And the mission to find these betrayers is known as Yorha Betrayers Quest. The commander after finding this betrayal from the said android machines, calls the 9S and 2B main players of the game to track these betrayers and kill them. The said main android players receive their mission duties and requests from Operator 60 in the game.

More About the Yorha Betrayers

However, to attack the Yorha Betrayers Quest in the game, the players must have completed 20 levels in the game. And not just, to find these mission guidelines, they must visit the Resistance Camp where the ancient mysterious Deep Cave is unearthed. From the mission starts, the players in question must first track the 22B and 64B human-made androids and kill them, while also interrogating the reason why they joined the enemy camps. Then the players will go on another adventure across the lands to find the last Yorha Betrayer 8B. However, instead of killing this betrayer, the commander has ordered the players to defeat and subdue him. As he/she may have the necessary info regarding the enemy forces.

Then the players will return to the resistance camp and find the Anemone about the thefts that happened in the camp. Thus completing the quest successfully. Most importantly for completing this mission successfully in the game the players will get multiple rewards such as 10,000 G, 400 EXP, and Type 40 Lance(The Latest Spear developed by the Yorha). Which will be very helpful for the players to continue with the other missions in the game.

How to Find the Yorha Betrayers in the Nier Automata Game?

How to find Yorha Betrayers
Yorha Betrayers Map

If you have played the game before, then you must have known that finding the Betrayers in the Yorha Betrayers can be very difficult, and locating them across the lands can be very time-consuming. Therefore, to help you out we put together some suggestions for the players on how to find these betrayers easily in the game. Firstly for finding the Yorha Betrayers across the lands you must visit all the three locations on the map. And many people often visit either of 2 locations and believe that the betrayers are lost. More importantly, the three culprits are technically shown as red markers on the map. Often finding them in the location might be difficult, but it is safe to say that the said Yorha Betrayers are definitely located in any one of those locations.

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Moreover, the Yorha Betrayers spawn at three random locations in one of three locations shown on the map. Firstly, the betrayers are often found to spawn on the top of the Goliath. Secondly, they might also spawn at the exact location you spawn at during the mission. Thirdly, they will spawn nearby the factory once you reach it. If any of you has still not been able to find the Yorha Betrayers in this mission, then they might be resulted due to the glitches in the game. Therefore, we advise you to restart the game once to resolve this issue. However, to complete the mission successfully the layers must revisit the red dots on the map multiple times. This increases the chances of catching the Yorha Betrayers in the game successfully, thus completing the Yorha Betrayers Quest.

Reviews on the Nier Automata Game

Nier Automataj - Yorha Betrayers
Nier Automata

As far as I know, the Nier Automata Game is a huge success among gamers, which is why it has one the best 9.0 ratings in the overall best action games. And more importantly, who does not love a good fight with the robots or evil clones of oneself. The adventure game and its amazing FPS action have been very appreciated by the new players as well as other popular gamers. And not just that, the large-scale animated scenes and stunning battle graphics also struck a chord with the new action-packed gamers. Moreover, the amazing storyline and the heartfelt background music will make the game experience more engaging and entertaining.

And all of these features and many more made the Nier Automata game a very popular one among gamers. Thus, most of the reviews about the game remained positive and the nier gaming franchise fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the new version. More importantly, the fans or the customers appreciated seeing the familiar characters from the Nier Original Game resurfacing the game. However, the new gamers are users who have spotted some unusual functions in the game, which they are not quite fond of. For example, they often found various situations in the game, where the players can run right before the enemies, but they do not attack. And not just that, for some people the background music and the missions in the game were not up to their likings, and they often felt annoying.

About the Nier Gaming Franchise

Nier Gaming Franchise
Nier Gaming Franchise

Here in this section let us discuss the Nier Gaming Franchise and why it became so popular among the players or gamers. The Nier Gaming Franchise has very quickly gained the attraction of the gamers due to its amazing graphics and engaging storylines due to its launch of the Nier Gesalt game back in the year 2010. However, the best part about this gaming franchise is that its games have taken inspiration from the popular Japanese anime as well as the Drakengard Games. And not just that the combat graphics as well as fighting alien machines has added more popularity to the gaming franchise. The Nier games were designed by the popular Japanese game designer Daisuke Lizuka.

The Gesalt version of the game releases in the year 2010, successfully sold more than 12,500 copies just in Japan. While the Nier revolt has become the most popular game in Japan that attracting the world’s attention. Due to which the Nier Revolt was the first game to be sold all over the world from the Nier Gaming Franchise. However, the game has faired its fair share of criticism over the years and has successfully turned the negative reviews into positive by improving the gameplay. Currently, the Nier Gaming Franchise has sold more than 500,000 copies of its game worldwide. More importantly, the Nier Automata game was released in the year 2017, which has gained many new gamers’ attention due to its amazing graphics and engaging storyline.

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Here in this article, we have shared a detailed explanation about the Yorha Betrayers Quest in the Nier Automata Action Game. We have provided a comprehensive description of the Nier Automata Game, and why it became so popular among gamers. Next, we have discussed who are Yohra Betrayers and what are their roles in the game. Furthermore, we also provided a detailed guide to help the players to find the Yorha Betrayers during the quest of the same name. Then, You can learn about the reviews of the Nier Automata Game. And lastly, find out more about the History of the Nier Gaming Franchise.

Frequently Asked QuestionsYorha Betrayers

Who are Yohra Betrayers in the Nier Automata Game?

The Yohra Betrayers are the human-made androids who turned their back on the resistance and joined the alien machines while destroying some of the resistance encampments in the game.

What is the Yohra Betrayers Quest?

The Yohra Betrayers Quest is a long mission in the Nier Automata Game, which involves the main characters or the players visiting the three possible locations shown on the map to hunt down the betrayers.

When was the Nier Automata Game released?

The Nier Automata Action Video Game was released in the year 2017.

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